June 23, 2018
1 Month and 1 Day left
until our reunion.
Memory Book

Even if you can't attend one of the events, you may want a Memory Book. 
In order for us to offer a memorable book, however, we need your entry!

Please, please, please before it's too late...

Confirm your mailing and email addresses and phone number by writing to
or contact us through the Contact Us page option on this website
or through one of our profiles.

As of now, we are unsure of the format of the book,  at minimum, we will provide the basic information you have provided as a printed booklet and an efile.

We haven't sent it to the printer yet, but time is short...

Thanks so much
Gary Bowen, Lynn Villano and David Barad

Susie and Gloria at Stanton Ridge CC.
Susie and Gloria at Stanton Ridge CC.
Working on next steps....
Gloria and Susie working on decorations at Stanton Ridge.


We hope that many of us will be able to participate in the events planned for the reunion week-end.  Still room for you!

Check out the Events page.  We've added a Saturday afternoon event and we're hoping to add more!

We will post new photos regularly so please check back often. Click on the buttons on the left to take you to various pages of this website. 

Please enter your classmate information and sign the Guestbook.

There are still some important roles on the committee that you may be willing to assist, particularly in tech skills, Memory Book editor and more.  If you’re reading this message, you made it to our website, so just click on “Contact Us” and send a message.   We will respond and be glad to sign you up with plenty of support to minimize your volunteer time. 
Hope to see you in June for a festive celebration! A
nd even if you don't make it, so glad we've reconnected!!

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